At the core of Blast Studio there is a dedication to circularity.

All our objects are made sustainably in London from discarded coffee cups.

We dream of a city built from the waste it produces.

In nature nothing goes to waste, the scraps of an organism become the resource of another one. This circularity is at the heart of our work: cities’ waste is our resource to create the interiors of tomorrow.

We collect discarded coffee cups in West London’s cafés that we transform locally into statement objects and furniture pieces.

  • Recycling Waste

    We collect discarded coffee cups by bicycle from West London’s cafés. We shredd and sterelize them in our Park Royal studio to transform them into a unique biomaterial.

    Photo by Alun Callender
  • Biomaterial

    We transform the cardboard waste that we collect into a plastic free biomaterial that can be shaped in all sorts of objects and furniture.

    Photo by Alun Callender
  • 3d printing technology

    Thanks to our 3d printing technology, we are able to create statement pieces of furniture and objects from our waste based biomaterial.

    Photo by Alun Callender