Bespoke Project

We can create bespoke pieces for you using our unique biomaterial and our 3d printing technology

  • 1. Design

    We meet with you to understand your requirements and your vision. Our approach involves crafting a bespoke project tailored specifically for you, ensuring the end result is impactful.

  • 2. Recycling Waste

    We transform your waste or West London's discarded coffee cup into unique materials. Whether it’s paper, cardboard, or food-contaminated packaging, we repurpose these to create your custom pieces.

  • 3. 3d printing

    From the waste collected, we develop a biomaterial that we use to craft your piece. Using advanced 3D printing technology, we bring your exclusive designs to life, ensuring each piece is as unique as the material it's made from.

  • 4. Delivery

    Once your piece is perfected, we ensure its safe arrival to your space.

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