One West Point Lobby

One West Point Lobby

Location: London, 2023

Client: City & Docklands

Design and Execution: Blast Studio

We created an constellation of lights for the main lobby of the One West Point towers in North Acton, London. To craft the lampshades, we collected cardboard waste from the residents of One West Point as well as discarded coffee cups from local coffee shops. The waste was sourced within a 1 mile radius of their studio. The waste was then transformed into a unique biomaterial dyed into striking hues of blue and beige.

We took advantage of the 8 meter hight ceilling to lobby to create a 3 dimensional installation of lampshades in the shape of a wave. These pendant lights were inspired by Ernest Haekel’s drawings of corals and aquatic life. Each lampshade has a different shape and a different shade, resulting in an organic landscape of corals. The first lampshades start low in a cosy corner of the lobby to climb to 8 meters in front of the reception desk and its beautiful mural by local artist Dave Bonzai.

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