Heathrow Trophies

Heathrow Trophies

Location: London, 2023

Client: Heathrow

Design and Execution: Blast Studio

We were commissioned by Heathrow to create the trophies of their Supplier Award Ceremony. To design the trophy, we looked at birds to symbolise each category of the awards.

We developed an algorithm that takes the amplitude an frequency of flight of the bird to translate it a shape to be 3d printed.

To give an example, we picked the Albatross to represent Net Zero, as it’s a bird that uses very low energy to fly long distances ; resulting in a shape with curve of low frequency and high amplitude.

In other end of the spectrum, the hummingbird which was chosen for Health and Wellbeing for their energy and agility ; resulting in a shape with a lot of texture with a high frequency and low amplitude of curves.

"We had the pleasure of partnering with Blast Studio for the creation of trophies for the Heathrow Awards this year, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. Their commitment to sustainability stood out prominently as they crafted unique and stunning trophies that reflected the movement of birds, in keeping with the theme of the event - nature and aviation.

Blast Studio's innovative approach not only delivered visually impressive awards but also aligned seamlessly with our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.”

Paul Doherty

Procurement Director at Heathrow


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