Bo Tree Reception Desk

Bo Tree Reception Desk

Location: London, 2023

Client: ArtLink for the Bo Tree Hotel

Design and Execution: Blast Studio

The Bo Tree Hotel, situated in the heart of London’s West End, represents a new paradigm in hospitality, blending high-end comfort and conscious luxury. Blast Studio was commissioned by ArtLink to create a unique piece for the Bo Tree Hotel. The task was to design a reception desk and a light sculpture that embody the essence of the hotel's namesake, the Bodhi Tree, known for its significance in meditation and enlightenment.

True to our commitment to sustainability, the desk was 3D-printed in North-West London using biomaterial derived from over 8,000 used coffee cups locally collected by bicycle within 3 miles of the studio.

The Bo Root reception desk is inspired by the Bodhi Tree's root network. Each branch of the desk ends in a brushed brass plate, to offer various height counters to accommodate individuals, whether standing or sitting. This design represents the complex structure of tree roots and embodies the architectural ingenuity of the tree. Above, a large light sculpture mirrors the desk's shape, creating a striking center piece in the hotel.

" ArtLink had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented Blast Studio for one of our recent projects in London. Their innovative approach, keen attention to detail and unwavering commitment to bringing our vision to life truly set them apart. The seamless integration of art and design resulted in a captivating and visually stunning outcome"

The ArtLink Team

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